Optimise your relational marketing and ROI

Campaign by Dolist: just the right balance between functional capabilities, security, technical performance and human support.

Centralise your data

Centralise your Data

  • Get the most out of your data from all available channels
  • Flexible, simplified data exchanges
  • Deploy your campaigns using Campaign or an API
  • Guaranteed data security

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Collect and manage your contacts

Collect & Manage your contacts

  • Responsive, omni-channel forms to get new contacts
  • Opt-in contacts with GDPR consent management
  • Managing topics subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • A healthy, optimised contact database

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Create and dispatch Email & SMS campaigns

Create & Dispatch Email & SMS Campaigns

  • An intuitive Email Responsive Builder
  • Personnalise and Optimise your email & SMS messages
  • A/B Testing to maximise your performance
  • Precise targeting of your contacts
  • International SMS campaigns

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Automated marketing

Automated and narrative campaigns

  • An intuitive orchestration tool to simplify the steering of complex narratives
  • Boost customer loyalty with triggered emails & SMS
  • Automated and time-sensitive transactional Emails
  • Free up time with advance scheduling
  • Trigger your campaigns via your API

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Optimise email delivrability

Optimised email deliverability

  • A Responsive Email Generator incorporating coding best practices for deliverability
  • Optimise the delivery of your messages with the Deliverability Pack
  • Reinforce your Email sender reputation with Internal protocols
  • Constant supervision of campaigns via OPERA and real-time warning messages

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Analyse your marketing performances

Analyse your audience & Marketing performance

  • At-a-glance impact assessment via multiple indicators
  • Determine the most popular topics
  • Plan ahead for contacts losing interest, and buck the trend
  • Comprehensive care for your contact database

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