Automate your Email & SMS campaign scenarios

Your relationship marketing by email and/or SMS automated with reliability and simplicity

Deploy your automated Email & SMS scenarios without complexity. A visual design tool guides you through the implementation of even the most complex marketing automation projects. The Email and SMS Trigger function allows you to automate the triggering of personalised unit messages based on a behaviour or data.

An intuitive scenario orchestrator

Quickly deploy your automated scenarios thanks to an easy-to-use visual creation tool.

The Email & SMS Automation combo

Benefit from the combination of email and SMS channels in your scenarios for close-to-home relationship marketing.

Error-free deployment of scenarios

Build consistent scenarios with the help of an orchestrator which guides you and alerts you in case of error.

Automated sending via API

Would you rather manage your scenarios from another tool? With Campaign APIs, everything is possible!

Orchestrate your automated email & SMS scenarios

 An intuitive scenario orchestrator to easily deploy your Marketing Automation.

 Combine email and SMS channels to animate your customer and prospect lifecycle and engage your contacts.

 Unlimited design of automated scenarios, from simple to complex.

 Guided creation of your scenarios with help in defining behavioural conditions, integrated testing and error checking.

Build loyalty with the Email & SMS Trigger

 The lifecycle of your contacts highlighted by automated email and/or SMS trigger messages, complementary to your scenarios combining several messages.

 Trigger an automated message from any data in your database or following the validation of a form by your contacts.

 Automatic, individualised and personalised messages to reinforce your potential for loyalty.

Automate all your Emails & SMS by API

 Your marketing and transactional campaigns automatically triggered by API from your own information systems.

 Your email and SMS messages sent directly from your own tools via the multiple Campaign APIs.

 All the creation and sending stages are managed from your usual interface.

FAQs on email and SMS campaign automation with Campaign

On the Campaign platform, you can send your email or SMS campaign immediately, or choose to send it at a later date and/or time via the sending schedule.
You can also schedule automated sendings (email or SMS trigger messages), which will be triggered when a contact performs a specific action (filling in a form, action or inaction within a scenario, etc.) or when they enter a dynamic segment. An intuitive scenario orchestrator combining email and SMS messages is also available.

The Campaign scenario orchestrator allows you to create automated relational programmes, from the simplest to the most complex, in a visual and intuitive way.
Start your scenarios with a form or targeting, define the behavioural conditions and triggering times for your messages, whether email or SMS, and create as many conditional branches as you need (received, opened, clicked or not). Campaign guides you through the construction of your scenarios by suggesting possible conditions and alerting you to errors that need to be corrected, thus avoiding mistakes. You can test each of your messages before publication.
You can access many sources of inspiration with specific examples of scenarios through the Campaign user support site, our blog or our webinars. And if you need help, our Studio service can take care of the design and our Consulting service can help you imagine new automated mechanisms.

Via Campaign’s scenario orchestrator, you can combine Emails and SMS messages within the same automated campaign, without limitation. At each stage of your marketing scenario, you always have a choice between these two channels. You then define the appropriate message and the sending conditions and deadlines. Each message in your scenario can then be tested before you activate your entire campaign.

The Campaign platform can be continuously synchronised with your information systems (ERP, CRM, CDP, e-commerce platforms, business software, etc.) via different secure methods.
Thanks to its multi-dimensional database, it is entirely possible to synchronise, centralise and exploit all your useful marketing data, regardless of their source (CRM, e-commerce, mobile application, ERP, marketing tools).
The Campaign platform can host up to 5 specific tables (purchases, purchase details, products, business entities, personalised data).
A technical support service for connectivity is also available to help you accelerate the deployment of your project.

Campaign also allows you to send transactional messages, such as order confirmations, delivery notifications or invoices, via email or SMS channels. These are triggered directly by your own information system via the Campaign API. They can be created and tested directly from the interface before being deployed via API. Campaign benefits from a specific technical base for this type of sending, ensuring optimised email deliverability (rhythm, dedicated IP, etc.). See this page dedicated to transactional messages on Campaign.

Our team of specialised consultants is at your disposal to help you optimise your existing scenarios or identify new ones in line with your objectives.
At the same time, Studio Dolist can take care of all or part of your campaigns, on a one-off or recurring basis. It brings together three areas of expertise: email design (graphic creation of your messages or templates, motion design, dark mode, accessibility, etc.), technical production of your different campaign elements (email encoding and integration, landing pages, questionnaires, surveys, pop-ins, etc.) and operational management of your campaigns directly on the Campaign platform.

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