Automate your Marketing and transactional campaigns

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picto automationManage your email & scenarios and rely on Marketing Automation

  An orchestration tool to easily deploy your Marketing Automation campaigns

Boost the conversion rate and interest levels of your contacts, with our Campaign orchestration tool. An intuitive tool to simplify the steering and automation of complex, multi-channel narratives, all while keeping a close eye on the marketing pressure on your recipients.

  Boost customer loyalty with triggered emails & SMS

Structure the life cycle of your contact relationships with pertinent messages, using Marketing Automation and Trigger email and/or SMS scenarios.
Automate your message sending using any kind of information contained in your synchronised information systems (via API).

Automatiser les campagnes marketing

  Real-time transactional Email & SMS

Automatically activate your transactional emails and/or SMS using API or SMTP relay : confirmations of account creation, of orders, of invoices being sent, of appointments being notified, of delivery alerts, of access data being retrieved, etc.
Address all your contacts and plan your transactional sendings in advance.
Protect the reputation of your transactional sendings with an adapted rhythm and a dedicated IP.
Plan and track your transactional sendings, securely include attachments and ensure their deliverability with an adapted rhythm and a dedicated IP.

  Activate your campaigns using API from your own information systems

Manage your Email & SMS campaigns using your own tools and multiple Campaign APIs.
Manage all the creation and sending stages in your preferred interface.

  Plan your email and SMS campaigns in advance

Address your campaigns immediately or at a later date with the possibility of excluding time periods.

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