Get yourself a co‑pilot!

Above and beyond its technical capacities and functional performance, the Campaign platform offers a combination of collaborative technology and personalised human support. Optimise your marketing operations with the help of our experts, who work hand-in-hand with you via and in parallel with the software tool.

Are you looking for an intelligent solution which comes with real support, not just any old software interface?
Campaign by Dolist is the brainchild of passionate marketing professionals, whose combined technical and tactical expertise is encapsulated in this intelligent solution backed up with bespoke personal support, helping users to really get to grips with the technology.

Unrestrained data synchronisation

Since data is the driving force behind today's marketing operations, we give our clients total freedom when it comes to data transfers, with respect for the relevant security requirements. Our multiple ISPs allow you to connect all of your information systems to Campaign.

Enabling our clients to shape the evolution of Campaign

Developing Campaign is a participative business. We invite our clients to have their say on the future direction of the platform, suggesting improvements or new features.

Ensuring that clients never feel helpless faced with our tools

Because we believe that a technological tool can never meet all of your requirements unless it is backed up with appropriate support, Campaign combines the best of our technical know-how and marketing expertise (data and multi-channel). Our Support, Consulting and Studio teams are here to help.

Mastering the art of deliverability and boosting your reputation

In addition to the strong relationships we have forged with the major ISPs/MSPs and international organisations, we have developed our own pioneering technologies to help you manage your deliverability and reputation: OPERA (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity) and the GQI (Global Quality Index), for optimal deliverability.

Our experience, your quality guarantee

Dolist's technical know-how and marketing expertise have been constantly growing and evolving since the year 2000, enriched by our work with over 600 clients from all sectors of the economy. Dolist is also a team of 60 professionals working day-in, day-out to make our clients' marketing campaigns more effective.

Marketing ethics & the fight against spam

As a signatory of M3AAWG and member of Signal Spam, Dolist is strongly committed to the fight against spam, championing an ethical approach to marketing which respects the rights of web users (personal data, privacy etc.). Why? Because ethical marketing allows you to build relationships of trust with your audience.

The critical importance of data security

Above and beyond the obligations imposed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), all of our technologies undergo regular intrusion security tests and are covered by a comprehensive General Information Security Policy (GISP).

Dolist’s technical expertise

As a leading exponent of the French Tech movement (technologies developed and hosted in France), for almost twenty years we have specialised in the development of technologies for Email & SMS Marketing, the 2 most important mobile channels for reaching contacts. At Dolist we devote a substantial amount of our resources to innovation and R&D.

Boosting the skills of our clients

In addition to our broad and customisable range of training options, we provide various sources of specialist information: conferences, online seminars, client case studies, white papers, blogs, newsletters etc. Our goal: to help you master the art of marketing best practices.

From a technical and relational perspective, the overall quality of service is sound. Dolist are a partner you can trust.

Dolist's advice, availability and friendly spirit make them a real pleasure to work with.

Dolist know what they're doing, how to deal with people, and how to explain things to users of all levels.

Dolist are a great partner for email routing and client support.
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Dolist are the most people-friendly email specialists we've ever come across.
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The Dolist team are always full of new ideas, which is a real bonus.
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