Optimise the deliverability of your Campaign sendings

Promote the delivery of your emails to the inbox and preserve your reputation as a sender

Campaign offers a range of technical solutions that support and promote the deliverability of your email campaigns. Our team deploys multiple collaborations favouring deliverability as well as different awareness actions aimed at helping you optimise and maintain your sender reputation over time.

Deliverability optimised messages

Deliverability-optimised Email builder, Email rendering test, … Everything you need to create sendings that are correctly delivered.

A platform developed for deliverability

A solid technical foundation and multiple integrated solutions to help deliver your emails and prevent deliverability incidents.

Deliverability monitored in real time

Constant follow-up to analyse performance and instantly identify deliverability risks and incidents.

Deliverability protection measures

Unique technology to anticipate incidents, alert our customers and deploy automatic protection measures in case of problems.

Deliverability-optimised messages and sendings

 A Responsive Email Builder which automatically integrates the HTML encoding specific to email deliverability.

 An integrated multi-messenger test function (Email rendering) to verify the correct display of your messages on more than 40 messaging systems (webmails, desktops and mobiles).

  In-process message alerts when problems are identified, such as link errors.

 Quality management of your contacts (acquisition with verified email addresses, consent management, automatic processing of unsubscriptions, complaints and unreachable contacts, etc.).

A technical base to ensure the deliverability of your email campaigns

 A complete deliverability package to optimise the security and delivery of your messages to the inbox: authentication standards (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), domain name standardisation, customised tracking URLs, dedicated IP addresses, etc.

 O.P.E.R.A. (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity), a technology developed by Dolist, supervises your sendings in real time and assists you in improving the deliverability of your campaigns.

 Preventive alerts in case of a proven risk or a deliverability incident.

 Automatic protection measures in the event of a deliverability incident, such as regulating the rate at which your campaigns are sent according to the levels accepted by the ISP/MSP servers.

Permanent deliverability monitoring

 Real-time monitoring of the deliverability of your sendings and your technical reputation as a sender (performance and incidents).

 The Global Quality Index, a specific reputation score developed by Dolist, to evaluate at a glance the quality of your sendings and the evolution of your deliverability performance.

 Real-time monitoring of ISP / MSP returns: unreachable addresses, blocking at delivery attempt, etc.

 Immediate and transparent feedback to our customers: statistics, dedicated deliverability dashboard, immediate alerts in case of anomalies, spam, ISP by ISP alerts, etc.

 A dedicated service of specialists to monitor your reputation and help you achieve the best possible deliverability.

Collaborations in favour of email deliverability

 Member of the M3AAWG (Messaging Malware Mobile Anti Abuse Working Group), an international organisation bringing together the world’s largest Internet industry operators, aiming to secure the circulation of information on the Internet and protecting Internet users against spam and fraud.

 In collaboration with the Signal Spam platform in order to collect spam complaints and intervene and provide advice to the sender concerned.

 Collaboration with multiple ISPs (Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, Orange, etc.) with recovery of all available feedback loops (feedback on complaints, identification of problematic email campaigns).

 Significant R&D efforts to constantly evolve our technical solutions and recommendations in line with new standards.

FAQs on email deliverability via Campaign

Absolutely! Campaign includes a very practical “Email Rendering” function. With a simple click, you can test your email on the main email customers, webmails and browsers on the market, as well as on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This is ideal to ensure that your creation is displayed as you expect, regardless of your contacts’ equipment.

The messages sent with Dolist platforms respect authentication protocols to be identified by ISPs and thus ensure their legitimacy and deliverability:
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protocol to legitimise the message sending platform, by declaring the IP addresses authorised to send emails with a given domain name
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) protocol to guarantee the integrity of your messages, by adding a unique signature to all email messages
DMARC (Domain-Based Authentication Reporting and Conformance) protocol to fight spam and phishing more effectively.
At the same time, Campaign detects HTML or semantic errors which could affect the deliverability of your emails and proposes real-time optimisations.
It also guarantees the hygiene of your contact base with hardbounce management (contacts who cannot be reached anymore), a syntax correction of the domain names of email addresses or the correct unsubscription of contacts who disengage from your sendings.
Beyond these aspects, Dolist’s OPERA technology ensures a permanent monitoring of your deliverability and alerts you in case of future incidents.

You can track the deliverability of each email campaign by consulting its statistics on the Campaign platform. In particular, you will find the overall score attributed to your sending (Global Quality Index) and the rates of successful messages and reactivity; three indicators which will give you an initial idea of the success of your campaign. The campaign statistics also show you: the proportion of hardbounce and softbounce messages in the total number of messages sent, as well as the main areas where your sending encountered bounces, spam rejections, complaints or unsubscriptions.
You can also benefit from a specific deliverability dashboard (datavisualisation) allowing you to monitor your reputation in great detail, in complete autonomy. Our specialised consultants can also advise you on how to improve your practices.

We have a technical team dedicated to monitoring the deliverability of our customers’ campaigns, to relations with ISPs/MSPs and to the security of all operations taking place via our platform.
In addition, each Dolist employee, whatever their department, is trained in email deliverability best practices and can advise you to optimise your practices. Our consulting service can also help you to further strengthen your technical reputation as a sender and provide you with a dashboard dedicated to the deliverability of your sendings in datavisualisation mode.

You can manage several types of subscription by purpose such as newsletter, customer relations… Your contact can then subscribe and unsubscribe from these purposes via a preference centre. As soon as a contact unsubscribes via this preference centre, the effect is immediate on your Campaign account: they will no longer be contacted, unless they sign up again.
Our platform also automatically processes complaints we receive through feedback loops from the email companies and ISPs with whom we are in constant contact. It then immediately and definitively unsubscribes from your database each email address having filed a complaint.
Finally, unreachable contacts are also handled: Campaign translates the error messages returned and automatically recharacterises the status to ensure that all unreachable recipients are no longer addressed, thus preserving the deliverability of your subsequent sendings.

The OPERA (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity) technology developed by Dolist monitors domain and IP address blacklistings in real time. It also automatically regulates the flow of email messages according to the quantities accepted by the ISPs and can block mass sendings if a too high volume of addressing errors is detected.
These measures are designed to preserve your technical reputation as a sender. Of course, as soon as a deliverability incident is detected on your campaigns, OPERA alerts you in real time so that you can adjust the sending parameters and take corrective measures if necessary.

Generally speaking, we recommend that new Campaign account holders carry out a warm-up plan during the first few weeks of using the platform. Your new base will then gradually build up by sending small volumes to your most responsive contacts, which will allow you to be transparent with the ISPs.. Our consulting service can guide and assist you in this step.
If you were previously using another routing platform, a transition period is strongly recommended to enable you to build up a good reputation on your new base During this period, you will use both platforms simultaneously, until you switch exclusively to Campaign.

Dolist collaborates with multiple ISPs (Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, Orange…) to take into account the latest evolutions on the methods and criteria of email reception. This allows us to constantly adapt our tools and ensure optimal deliverability of email campaigns.
We also collect and process feedback loops from ISPs and spam reports from Signal Spam, in order to obtain information on complaints, identify problematic email campaigns and advise the advertiser concerned.

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